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User gator350
Size 10gallon
Date Started 3/1/13
Lighting 2- 23watt 6500k CFL
Equipment tetra 50w heater Aqueon QuietFlow 20
CO2 no
Substrate 1inch of organic potting soil 1inch black gravel
Parameters NH3/NH4+ 0ppm NO2 0ppm NO3 <5ppm pH 7.2
Fertilization NO
Plants 3-Anubias barteri v. Nana 5-Echinodorus bleheri 2-Echinodorus amazonicus 3-Cryptocoryne wendtii
Inhabitants 10- Ghost Shrimp 6-Glow Light Tetra 6-Neon Tetra 1-Spotted Cory
Comments DIY back ground (Styrofoam +concrete)
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