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User Homer_Simpson
Size 5 Gallon Marineland Hex
Date Started March 4 2008
Lighting 14 watt 6500 K Daylight compact fluorescent in canopy of tank.
Equipment Non c02 - modeled after the Tom Barr recommended approach to low tech, low light tank.
CO2 None. However, Seachem Excel is dosed at 7 cc's per day with 10 ccs with every weekly 50% water change.
Substrate Very thin layer of Schultz Aquatic Soil, sprinkled with a light dusting of Leonardite, garden peat most, and 1 crushed up Seachem fertilizer tab(pieces positioned closest to roots of crytocorne). This was capped with 2.5 inches of Seachem Onyx which was capped with a thin .25 inch layer of Pool Filter Sand. The idea of the Schultz Aquatic Soil was to put something to jump start bacterial colonization of the substrate in much the same way that ADA power sand is used to jump start bacterial colonization of the substrate in tanks using ADA Aquasoil.
Parameters Not tested.
Fertilization Pinch(like a pinch of salt) of potassium, phosphates, nitrates, magnesium, and calcium sulphate. Also, yamato green fertilizer at 1/2 teaspoon weekly with 50% water change.
Plants Cryptocorne wentii red, cardamine lyrata, java fern, ambulia, anubias nana, onion plant, tiger lotuses, dwarf sag.
Inhabitants 1 otocat, 2 Cherry Shrimp, and 2 Amano Shrimp.
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