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User Homer_Simpson
Size 15 gallons
Date Started December 26 2007
Lighting 2 20 watt coralife colarmax compact fluorescent in a canopy sloppily padded with Mylar sheeting to increase reflection of useable light. 8 Hour Split. 4 Hours on 2 hour off 4 Hours on.
Equipment Aquaclear 150 HOB filter with polyfibre, bag of Seachem Purigan, and bag of Seachem Matrix stones.
CO2 Initially 3 bottles c02 cut down to 2 bottles after 3 months. C02 diffusion is from one 2 litre is going into a Hagen ladder and the c02 diffusion from the other 2 litre is going into a Rhinox 2000 ceramic diffuser. The brew in each bottle is alternatively changed weekly.
Substrate ADA Powersand overlaid with ADA Aquasoil II
Parameters Not Tested
Fertilization Tom Barr's Estimative Index 1/2 of recommend dosing for 15 gallon.
Plants Hygrophilia Polysperma, Cardamine Lyrata for floating plant, ambuilia, pygme anubias, anubias nana, java ferns, Crytocorne bronze and red and Narrow Leaf Chain Sword.
Inhabitants 2 Kuhli Loaches, rarely seen since being added 3 months after tank setup.
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I absolutely love the statue. Very original and very cool. Great job! (:
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Very nice, intriguing.
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