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Size 45 gallon Marineland Cube
Date Started 6/2012
Lighting Geisemann T5 HO Midday x2' Aquafloras x2' 1 Plantmax, and 1 Fluval Life Spectrum
Equipment 2 Nova Extreme T5 HO Fixtures and 1 Aquatic Life. 2 Fluval 306 Canisters packed with Pure Aquatics Fine and Course Filters pads, Acurel Polyfiber, Seachem Matrix and once in a while I use Purigen
CO2 Paintball Tank 2oz with AquaticLife Regulator and Solenoid on timer. Atomic ( mid sized) Diffuser from GLA.
Substrate Eco-complete with a dash of laterite. 60lbs total.
Parameters gH 10 dH 6-9 Nitrates 5-20 Ppm, Amonnia 0' Nitrates 0, Phosphates .5 at its highest. PH 6.8-7.2 at highest.
Fertilization AF Macro/Micro Nutrient Mix, Potassium and Iron as needed along with Brightwell Aquatics Multi- Florin, Seachem Flourish Tabs. occasional Seachem Excel and Prime when warranted.
Plants Crispus, Rotala Indica, Myaca, Red Lotus, Riccia, Wendtii, Petchii, Green Lloydia, Willow Moss, Flour Leaf Clover and Baby Tears ( Large variety). cryptocerne Balinese, Broad Lead Luwigia.
Inhabitants Festivum Cichlid, Halfblack Angel, Altum Angel Angel, Peacock Gudgeon, Double Red Cockatoo Apistograma, Kribensis, Panda Garra, Gertrude's Blue Eye, American Flagfish, Bronze Coryfish, Clown Pleco. MTS, Nerites, Mystery Snails.
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