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User lbissett79
Size 29 Gallon
Date Started March 2008
Lighting 2X55 Watt PC 6700K and 10,000K
Equipment Emperor 250
CO2 DIY Yeast
Substrate River Gravel and Laterite mix
Fertilization Plant Tabs, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium Supplements
Plants Red Rubin, Red Ludwigia, Crispus, Ruffled Sword, Asst. Crypts, Bacopa, Cabomba, Hair Grass, Baby Tears, Dwarf Lilies, Anubias Congensis, Wisteria, Rotala Indica, Java Moss, and Subaluta
Inhabitants Neon, Silver Tip, Rummy Nose, and Von Rio Tetras, Julii Cory, Otocinclus, Asst. Snails
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