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User WheeledGoat
Size 29gal
Date Started years ago, with periodic upgrades
Lighting Marineland Aquatic Plant 24"
Equipment Hydor inline heater, UV light, Fluval 206 cannister
CO2 pressurized 10# tank, Ista Max Mix medium reactor
Substrate off-the-shelf gravel
Fertilization Aqueon Plant Food AquaFertz substrate tabs (total & trace)
Plants moneywort java moss (on arch) dwarf baby tears (on lava rocks & driftwood) hairgrass cabomba furcata crypt of some kind sword of some kind anubias of some kind crinum calamistratum
Inhabitants 5xblack skirt tetras 8xneon tetras 1xcory cat 1xalbino pleco 4xfancy guppies 1xmystery snail
Comments took this tank "hi-tech" w/ the light & co2 at the beginning of april - neat to see the progress and now well the plants are taking off!
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