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User whipif
Size 56 Gallons
Date Started November 2012
Lighting AquaticLife t5ho x6 24"
CO2 yes
Parameters temp: 78 ph: 6.7 kh: 0-1 gh: 1
Fertilization pretty much everything
Plants Java moss, rotala macrandra green, Cabomba purple, ambulia, creeping charlie, Ludwigia repens, Ludwigia Acluata, rotala wallichii, and baby tears.
Inhabitants 25 emperor tetras, 2 mated MACmasteri apistogrammas, 2 mated Tefe pearl blue apistogrammas, 2 mated Super red cacatuoides apistogrammas, 1 Vampire pleco, 1 Ghost knife, and 9 Amano shrimp.
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