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User skillful abbot
Size 60cm
Date Started Dec 2006
Lighting Nisso Real Inverter Light
Equipment Eheim, External C02 Mixer
CO2 2.1Kg Co2 bombe, Sudo regulator, 24hrs, ~2-3 drips a second.
Substrate ADA Amazonia, Brighty Sand
Parameters All Excellent
Fertilization Homemade mixture of Hydroponic liquid fertilizers from the homecenter.
Plants various
Inhabitants Yamato shrimp, otocin, green/neon tetras, red serpae, rainbow drawfs, Siamese algae eaters,minibushynose plecs,
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Is that 2 tanks or 3? You know, you can make a profile for each tank. Looks great, would like to see a full tank view of each.
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