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User TubaTime1010
Size 12 Gallons
Date Started April 16, 2008
Lighting Coralife Aqualight with 28w 6700k Daylight
Equipment Fluval 105 Canister filter with Purigen, Activated Carbon, Water Polishing pad, and Ceramic Bio-Media
CO2 Hagen "Plant Grow" Natural Co2 system
Substrate Fluorite Original
Plants Java Moss Java Fern Rotala Wallichii Baby's Tears (Micro) Anubias Nana Jungle Val Rotala Indica Green Cabomba Wisteria
Inhabitants 6 Ember Tetras 1 Boraras Brigittae 3 Emerald Rasboras
Comments The tank itself is simply a Marineland Eclipse 12 minus the filtration, lighting, hood and rim.
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Algae Grower
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You tank rocks! Is that an anubias you have growing in the driftwood? I've often thought planting one in a hollow or drilled out space would be amazing looking. Kudos.
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