CTet 25 Gallons - Your Tanks
User CTet
Size 25 Gallons
Date Started April 1st, 2013
Lighting 24" Finnex Fugeray
Equipment Aquatop 150w heater, Aquaclear 50
CO2 N/A: Daily dosing of Excel
Substrate Sand/mixed with crushed river gravel
Fertilization Flourish excel/TBD ferts
Plants C. pontederiifolia C. petchii C. wendtii ‘Green’ C. wendtii ‘Mi Oya’ C. cordata "blassii" Hygrophila salicifolia Dwarf Hairgrass Java Moss
Inhabitants 9 Cardinal Tetras 3 Otocinclus 2 M/ 2F (4 total) Guppies 4 Threadfin Rainbowfish
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