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User Nami
Size 100g
Date Started 2011
Lighting Totally unorthodox: wired in lamp socket w/ two bulb adapter holding dual spiral compact fluorescent 900w 5000k bulbs And some ancient retrofit fluorescent
Equipment Marineland Magnum 350 filter, heater, Bubble wand!
CO2 None
Substrate Really ugly gravel
Parameters pH 8.0 KH 17 GH 20 76 F
Fertilization None
Plants Fake plants... and hornwort!
Inhabitants 6 Pristellas (3 red belly, 3 golden) 5 SAE 4 Neons 1 Black Molly! 2 Bristlenose Pleco 2 Feeder Goldfish (I know, I know) Some ghost shrimp
Comments I can grow hornwort.
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