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User bebop6585
Size 125 Gallon
Date Started 4/04/08
Lighting 4x 96 watt bright kit from A H Supply, 2 x 96 Watt 6700K and 2 x 96 watt 5500 k
Equipment 2x250 watt shatter proof heaters
CO2 pressurized 20 lb w/ Milwaukee regulator, solenoid valve, and bubble counter. DIY powerhead diffuser
Substrate peat moss and gravel
Parameters PH 7.4; KH 1 degree; Phosphate 2 ppm; temp 75 degrees
Fertilization Flourish, root tablets
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides , Echinodorus osiris, Echinodorus tennelus, anubias barteri v Caladiifolia, vesicularia dubyana
Inhabitants 5 red belly piranha
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Algae Grower
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Beautiful work!
Barley masher
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Do the piranha tear up the plants? My brother had several, years ago, that always trashed everything, even ate plastic plants
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