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User jfynyson
Size 135gal - 72x18x24
Date Started Fall 2007
Lighting (4) 30” custom built LEDs for freshwater planted tanks 75° angled optics as well as two nano versions of these lights (specially made for my set up to prevent center glass brace shadowing) (buildmyLED.com) - 7 hr photoperiod; estimated PAR avg of 80-100 at the substrate depending on location
Equipment (1) 2217-37 Eheim Classic Canister & (2) Fluval M 300W & two Marineland Maxi-Jet 400's (one set to circulation & one set as powerhead)
CO2 Carbon Doser regulator, 20 lbs CO2 tank, Milwaukee MC122 pH controller, Ext5000 reactor; installed 4/25/13 (currently at 0.1 sec/bubble & 12psi); measured at 38-40ppm CO2
Substrate Eco-Complete & Flourite 3-4" deep laterite here & there w/ CariSea Instant Aquarium gravel (Peace River) w/ some river pebbles on top in certain areas
Parameters pH = 6.2-6.3 (well water is 7.0 & tank was 7.5-7.8 before CO2 injection began now typically 7.2-7.5 before CO2 comes on) dH=3-4 or about 72ppm as CaCO3 GH =71ppm as CaCO3 and same as 4dH KH = 4-5ppm Phosphorus = ~7-8ppm after one week Nitrates = ~40ppm after one week avg temp = 75-80°F
Fertilization AquaFertz Trace & Iron substrate pelltes (just began on 4/25/13); switch on 7/24/13 to Osmocote Plus capsules Began dosing EI (my own ratios though) on 5/3/13
Plants Need to relist
Inhabitants a big 8" clown loach! (about 9 yrs old), otocinclus, siamese algae eaters, giant danios, red platies, Australian rainbows, tetras (cardinal, neon, black neon, Columbian, Buenos Aires), 1 Crown Tail Betta
Comments Learned trimming & pruning techniques now in an effort to move this tank towards a more Dutchish style (keeping some stone & driftwood though)
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LOVE the custom wall! Wish I could do that. So tidy. Tank is nice too. :-)
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