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User jfynyson
Size 135gal - 72x18x24
Date Started Fall 2007
Lighting (4) 30 custom built LEDs for freshwater planted tanks 75 angled optics as well as two nano versions of these lights (specially made for my set up to prevent center glass brace shadowing) (buildmyLED.com) - 7 hr photoperiod; estimated PAR avg of 80-100 at the substrate depending on location
Equipment (1) 2217-37 Eheim Classic Canister & (2) Fluval M 300W & two Marineland Maxi-Jet 400's (one set to circulation & one set as powerhead)
CO2 Carbon Doser regulator, 20 lbs CO2 tank, Milwaukee MC122 pH controller, Ext5000 reactor; installed 4/25/13 (currently at 0.1 sec/bubble & 12psi); measured at 38-40ppm CO2
Substrate Eco-Complete & Flourite 3-4" deep laterite here & there w/ CariSea Instant Aquarium gravel (Peace River) w/ some river pebbles on top in certain areas
Parameters pH = 6.2-6.3 (well water is 7.0 & tank was 7.5-7.8 before CO2 injection began now typically 7.2-7.5 before CO2 comes on) dH=3-4 or about 72ppm as CaCO3 GH =71ppm as CaCO3 and same as 4dH KH = 4-5ppm Phosphorus = ~7-8ppm after one week Nitrates = ~40ppm after one week avg temp = 75-80F
Fertilization AquaFertz Trace & Iron substrate pelltes (just began on 4/25/13); switch on 7/24/13 to Osmocote Plus capsules Began dosing EI (my own ratios though) on 5/3/13
Plants Need to relist
Inhabitants a big 8" clown loach! (about 9 yrs old), otocinclus, siamese algae eaters, giant danios, red platies, Australian rainbows, tetras (cardinal, neon, black neon, Columbian, Buenos Aires), 1 Crown Tail Betta
Comments Learned trimming & pruning techniques now in an effort to move this tank towards a more Dutchish style (keeping some stone & driftwood though)
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LOVE the custom wall! Wish I could do that. So tidy. Tank is nice too. :-)
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