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User SimonAqua
Size 10 Gallon
Date Started Feb 1 2008 / Planted Since April 1st 2008
Lighting 2 x 20 W Compact fluorescent light 6500k, about 8 hours a day.
Equipment Aquaclear 20
CO2 Nutrafin C02 system with ladder.
Substrate Eco-substrate + regular white gravel
Parameters Amo:0 Nitrates:0 Nitirites:0 Ph: 7.8 KH: 7
Fertilization 1 cap of plant grow every 2 weeks
Plants Bacopa caroliniana Common Valineria Pygmy Chain Swordplant
Inhabitants 7 x Danios rerio 3 x otocinclus
Comments water change every 3 days since getting blue-green algae
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