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User Tiptop
Size 18 Gallon Tall
Date Started March 2013
Lighting 2 x 20W CFL
Equipment 20x10x21" tank Topfin 25W heater Small internal filter
CO2 None. Thinking about liquid dosing.
Substrate M.U.D. - Mostly pottery clay. (tested, safe) Ummm... (a little sand/fluorite) Dirt for reptiles. (just a bit) We'll see how this goes. Crypts definitely like it.
Fertilization Thinking about it.
Plants A bit of Aluminum plant 1 x Leather fern 2 x Peace lily 3 x Black mangrove.
Inhabitants Just the usual microfauna(cyclops, daphnia, etc) so far. I'm thinking a school of Normani's Lampeye killies would look killer in here, but definitely considering a school of (very) small rasboras and a couple sparkling gouramis.
Comments Big shout out to Ripariumsupply.com for the plant and hardware package!
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This is great! I really love the muddy substrate you have. Very natural-looking. I might try it myself!
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