Bugman 20 Gallon High - Your Tanks
User Bugman
Size 20 Gallon High
Date Started April 10, 2008
Lighting Coralife 2x14 T5 and Coralife 1x14 T5
Equipment Rena XP1
CO2 Excel every other day
Substrate SMS Red
Fertilization APC Fert system
Plants Wendtii (red and green), Java Fern, Anubias Nana, Hyrogphila (willow leaf, sunset), Ludwigia reopens, Pennywort, Anubias barteri v Anugstifolia.
Inhabitants Guppies, 5 Panda Corys
Profile Views 872
Algae Grower
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Nice looking tank how much fert do you dose and how often?
Algae Grower
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Sorry i see every other day, but how much?Thanks
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