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User Tiptop
Size 6 Gallon Long
Date Started January 2013
Lighting Odyssea 2x39W T5HO
Equipment 24x6x8" tank. Air stone. Unheated. No filter.
CO2 No plans to add any.
Substrate Play sand, fluorite, clay, gravel.
Fertilization Fish food.
Plants A few tiny java ferns. A couple sprigs of dwarf sag. Duckweed. Aluminum plant. Pothos.
Inhabitants 7 x Tanichthys albonubes (White Cloud Mountain Minnows) Love these fish! They're easy to please and they look great.
Comments The rock background in this tank was previously used as a land/water divider in my paludarium. Fits perfectly in this little tank!
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Too cool. I love it!!
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