Bugman 55 Gallons - Your Tanks

User Bugman
Size 55 Gallons
Date Started Febuary 10, 2009
Lighting 4x65 JBJ Compact Fluorescent
Equipment Rena XP2, Pressurized Co2, Milwaukee Regulator,Diy Co2 reactor, Koralia 2
CO2 Pressurized
Substrate SMS Red
Fertilization EI Method: 1/2Tsp-KN03 3x a week, 1/8 Tsp-KH2P04 3x a week, 1/8 TSp-K2SO4 2x a week, 5ml Plantex CSM+B 3x a week.
Plants Wendtii (red and green), Anubias Nana, Tawian Moss, Hygro Willow leaf, Cabomba Puple, Cabomba Green, Pennywort, Anachris elgeria densa, Mayaca, Cardnial, Sword (Amazon compacta, Ozelot, Red Rubin, Klenier Bar)
Inhabitants Fancy Guppies, 2 G Blue Rams, 8 Peppered Corys, 5 Ottos, 10 Cardinal Tetras
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