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User monkeyruler90
Size 30x12x18
Date Started 4/13/2008
Lighting 2X65 pc daylight bulbs and 1 lunar light
Equipment Fluval 305 filter
CO2 none yet, but will be buying pressurized in a few paychecks.
Substrate 20 lbs of eco complete and 30 pounds of normal course gravel
Parameters pH 8, ammonia=0, nitrite=0, nitrate=around 5 to 15
Fertilization seachem excel and flourish
Plants red ludwigia, water wisteria, crockscrew val, moneywort and dwarf hairgrass
Inhabitants 5 x opaline gourami 1 x gold gourami 7 x neon tetras 2 x oto cats 5 x ammano shrimp
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