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User eden_angelfish
Size 55 gallons
Date Started September 2007 (upgraded from a 40br)
Lighting 160 watts total of 6500K T12 flourescent. DIY with 2 double shoplight fixtures.
Equipment AGA 300 watt heater, 1 powerhead for extra current (no idea what brand, but it's ancient), Whisper HOB filter that came with the tank.
CO2 pressurized, 2.5 pound bottle. Nutrafin CO2 system 'ladder' style diffuser/bubble counter. Not currently turned on until I can find a new needle valve.
Substrate Bottom layer: Cheap potting soil. Middle Layer: Hartz Cat Litter. Top Layer: Landscaping pea gravel, playground sand, and locally collected decorative rocks
Parameters pH: 7.4 GH: 150 I'm not sure on anything else right now, I am using well water.
Fertilization none, currently. My water contains high amounts of iron. When I do fertilize, I use dry chemicals from the garden supply store.
Plants Ludwigia repens, corkscrew val, Amazon Sword, Melon Sword, Kleiner Bar Sword, Moneywort, Rotal Indica, Aponogeton hybrids of some kind, Crypt. Lutea, Java Fern. More coming shortly
Inhabitants 1 Green Severum (female) 2 Angelfish (mated pair taking a vacation) 2 Firemouth Cichlids (male) 1 Hifin Platy (female)
Comments I moved this tank across the state a little over a month ago and lost most of my fish and a lot of plants. It's finally starting to recover, but still doesn't look its best. And my camera is no good for taking pictures of tanks; they never look as good as the real thing. I'll be replacing the photo when I get a better one.
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