SupaTanks 20G - Your Tanks
User SupaTanks
Size 20G
Date Started 03/29/13
Lighting Led & T5
Equipment sponge filter
CO2 None
Substrate organic dirt & ada
Parameters Ph: 6.7 Gh: 0 Kh: 0
Fertilization None
Plants Crypt, stargrass, moss, clover, dwarf hairgrass and some other I dont remember heh
Inhabitants None
Profile Views 253
Algae Grower
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This is the newest tank I just set up- I know its ugly now... but give it some time and it.ll take its oh-so-beautiful form! heh :]
Algae Grower
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Yeah, seems like a Low tech Wonder. I'll love to see its beauty when it matures!! Go on.....
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