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User mackwell
Size 2.5 g
Date Started 4/10/2013
Lighting 26 watt
Equipment finnex light, diy overflow and trickle filter
Substrate colorado sand
Plants java ferns, hairgrass, duckweed
Inhabitants Dragon HMPK betta, otocinclus, ramshorn
Comments This is a simple set-up and seems to have matured well since April. It's right at the foot of my bed, which is nice. Hannibal the betta is definitely the most energetic one I've ever had.
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Algae Grower
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Bettas are really good jumpers when you least expect it. Especially plakats. You might want to put some sort of cover on the tank =/
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I've heard that, but I've never had a betta jump out on me before. I've had this guy since December and nothing's happened but do you think he might still jump? What is it that makes a betta want to jump?
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One of my bettas jumped out. I came home and found him on the carpet, fins stiff from drying out. Luckily he recovered fine- they're tough fish! but now all my tanks are tightly covered.
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