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User Angry_Sea_Cucumber
Size 20 Gallons High
Date Started April 5th 2008
Lighting 2x24 Hagen T5 Glo + One 15W 18
Equipment Eheim Ecco 60g cannister filter + Powerhead for diffusor
CO2 Cannister injection. Milwaukee ma95. 95bpm Power diffusor that was completely faulty out of the box. I had to completely change it for it to function. This is it Do not recommend it to anyone.
Substrate Power Sand (s) bottom layer. Flourite top layer.
Parameters 7.0 original PH. Dropped and so far steady at 6.4 with c02 injection. KH 2. Water Temp 79
Fertilization Seachem Flourish, Flourish Excel, Seachem Iron
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides/Dwarf Hair Grass/ Riccia
Inhabitants Ottos and Amano shrimp for the moment
Comments I am attempting to design this tank to be best viewed from two sides. Unfortunately I could not find better rocks, but once I have the time, I plan to rescape the rocks while leaving the plant layout alone.
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Not sure if you kepe up with this, but just a shoutout to say I love the tank. Mine is the same size and I'm looking to create a "multi-side-view" as well. I LOVE the plants, nice vibrant green low-growers! <3 +5!
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