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User ucrdave
Size 50 US Gal 36L x 16W x 20H (inches)
Date Started July 2012
Lighting Odyssea Deluxe 36-inch-4x39W-T5HO
Equipment SeaClear System II w/built-in-back sump Rio+ 1700 pump
CO2 *Paintball pressure CO2 *regulator (diy) (will change to Azoo 2 gauge regulator w/sol) *glass diffuser *bubble counter
Substrate EcoComplete
Parameters pH 7
Fertilization EI method 19 - 25 mL Solution gives (@5mL per 50L) 5.90ppm NO3 0.31ppm PO4 3.90ppm K 0.39ppm Mg
Plants Rotala Rotundifolia Ludwigia Repens MicroSword Cardamine lyrata Green Ozelot Sword Aponogeton Undulate
Inhabitants Too many Fancy fin Danio Zebra Danio Leopard Danio Harlequin Rasbora Neon Tetra rescued Betta annoying guppies rescued molly Golden Apple Snail RamHorn snail (soon to die)
Comments In the picture you will see, the left side of the tank is something of an experiment. As I increase my stemmies Ill be taking those other species that dont fit with a dutch influence out of the tank.
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And yes, it needs a good trimming. Rescaping soon now that i have much more intense lighting.
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What was the lighting you had before having more intense? Pretty tank :-)
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