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User mooner
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started April 06
Lighting Single T8 17W 24" AHS reflector
Equipment Whisper 40 HOB full open
CO2 None
Substrate Crushed quartz over Leonardite 2in-3in deep
Fertilization Small amount of NO3,PO4,TMG weekly Small amount of Seachem Equal once a month or two
Plants Micro Sword, Java Moss, Java Fern, Water Sprite, Leopard Val, and some unknown bulb
Inhabitants Cherry Shrimp
Comments No weekly water changes/Top off only. Last WC as of 4/5/08 was 12/07 and before that was 06/07. Great tank, very little maintenance. Clean HOB every two weeks.
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I really love the plant growing in the middle. Great job (:
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hey like this tank,love the contrast and shadows kl
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