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User hectorjohn
Size 72x18x18 - 100 Gal
Date Started March 23, 2008
Lighting 4x40 watts GE, still to add 2 more bulbs
Equipment 200 gal/hr canister filter
CO2 DIY C02, with glass diffuser
Substrate old river gravel, previously used with predatory fish aquarium
Parameters PH - 7 C02 ppm - 10-15
Fertilization Sera florena.
Plants Philippine java fern, java moss, amazon sword, riccia, parrot feather, vasiller.. something and some kind of crypt. Still to purchase some more
Inhabitants 3 panda corydora, 5 flying foxes, 7 shrimps, unknown number of MTS, and 2 butterfly rams, still to purchase zebra danios
Comments weekly water change 50%
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Algae Grower
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Absolutely incredible. I'm a big fan of Sera products, but have yet to try their liquid ferts.
Algae Grower
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Hard to tell but if the brown is diatom a bit more light will assist (see you are going to add more)... I just love the "starkness" of the lay out... beautiful!
Planted Tank Obsessed
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any update on the riccia mat??
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