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Size 5 gallon - My first tank!
Date Started 07/2007 --- See large image at http://jeremysquires.smugmug.com/gallery/3625966_eoEmh/1/206531487_dJ2xT/Large
Lighting 100W DIY metal halide, 120 umol/m2/s measured at bottom of tank with PAR meter.
Equipment Mini canister filled with ceramic bio media and activated carbon. No heater or chiller.
CO2 Paintball CO2 system, AquaMedic controller, DIY diffuser
Substrate Back yard soil 0.5 inches, topped with 2mm fine sand/gravel.
Parameters 80ppm kH, 6.9-7.05 pH, total hardness 155ppm, 75-86F
Fertilization Weekly water changes 50% with prepared R/O water. Only use additives to set GH and KH. No fert dosing.
Plants Riccia Fluitans, Java Fern, Micro-sword grass, Star Lily, P. Gayi, Baby Tears (Micranthemum umbrosum), and Java Moss.
Inhabitants Galaxy Rasboras, Cherry Shrimp. and snails.
Comments This tank was an experiment after reading Ecology of the Planted Aquarium. I had my backyard soil analyzed by a lab and then used it in this aquarium. To test various lighting for use with terrestrial plants, I had installed several metal halide lamps over my kitchen counter and thought I might be able to utilize some of the spill light from these bright lamps for this mini aquarium. This tank thrived for about 8 months, until it apparently burned through all the available nutrients provided by the soil. The actual tank setup is interesting because no equipment hangs in or on the actual tank. All equipment sets directly below on a custom pvc stand that is the same cubic size of the this 10inch cube tank... it takes up very little counter space. I originally made the pvc stand to raise the tank toward the light, but it served well in which to place the equipment too. The tank is hard-plumbed with 1/2 inch pvc from below. The playfull Galaxy Rasboras really add to the feel of this spring-like stream. Also, I only feed the fish live food, no flakes.
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Wannabe Guru
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Colours are extreamly vibrant! Great tank. (:
Algae Grower
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Wow, 100 w MH on a 5 gallon? No wonder why it went through all the nutrients in the substrate. The tanks looks beautiful from the pic. How much co2 were you pumping?
Planted Tank Obsessed
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great experiment
Algae Grower
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