TheCryptKeeper 75 Gallon - Your Tanks
User TheCryptKeeper
Size 75 Gallon
Date Started 3/29/08
Lighting two coralife 130w t5 fixtures.. 40" lunar light with 36 blue led's
Equipment 2 Rena XP3 Canister filters 2 Rena Smart Heaters 150w Wisper Air Pump
CO2 Pressurized Co2 injection Milwaukee Co2 Regulator with bubble counter, needle valve and electric solenoid. 5lb Co2 tank Rex-Grigg style diy Co2 reactor
Substrate planted tank substrate, 2 five gallon buckets
Parameters Ph 7.0
Fertilization Seachem flourish tabs. dry ferts 3x a week and liquid 3x a week sunday.. water change
Plants Anubias nana, assorted crypts, crinum calamistratum, red tiger lotus, red dwarf lily, wisteria, red cabomba, bacopa, micro sword, amazon sword, medium sword, aponogeton ulvaceous bulb, java fern, alternanthera reineckii, java moss, dwarf hairgrass, baby tears, dwarf anubias nana, pennywort.
Inhabitants tetras.. lots of them. neons, cardinals, rummynose, red/blue columbian, glowlight. sissortail rasboras, clown loaches, yoyo loaches, flying foxes, german blue rams, torpedo barbs.
Comments this is my first planted tank... I hope you like it!
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Tank looks good! Keep up the good work.
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that is a sweet tank,
Planted Tank Obsessed
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It deserves a 5* rating!
Algae Grower
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R.I.P brave soldier :(
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This tank is awesome. i really like what you did with the layout.
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