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User rekles75
Size 10 Gal
Date Started 2/08 rescaped 08/08
Lighting Current 20" 2 x 36 watt dual daylight 65000k
Equipment Toms mini rapids cannister Filter
CO2 2.5 lb presurrized system w/ AZOO regulator, needle valve, and selinoid.
Substrate Eco Complete
Fertilization EI Ferts, w/ Flourish and Flourish iron
Plants Wisteria, L. Aromatica, Bacopa, Flame Moss, Blayxa, HC
Inhabitants 6 boraras brigittaes , Countless RCS, 2 Ottos. Pond, ramshorn and MTS snails
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Nice tall plant tank. Unfortunately in my opinion, all your plants are going to fight for light in a couple of months though.
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