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User robertrobert905
Size 75
Date Started 2007
Lighting 300W
Equipment aquaclear 400, penguin bio wheel(largest one, but no emperor)
CO2 yeast fermentation, 4x 4L bottles
Substrate natrual gravel
Parameters neutral ph temp:30
Fertilization daily: iron leaf zone
Plants Ambulia, Amazone Sword, Hair grass, Anubias barteri Anubias nana, Anubias coffee leaf, rotala indica, crypts, "red diamond" sword (this is a dwarf sword, located to the bottom left of my tank java moss java fern twisted vals
Inhabitants 7 Discus 4 angelfish cardinal tetras amano shrimps otto cats SAEs 2 clown loach 1 betta 4 rummynose 10 cory cats 2 bushnose pleco
Comments this tank is a bowfront and for a video of my tank please go here
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