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User robertrobert905
Size 33
Date Started 2000
Lighting 100w
Equipment aquaclear 200
CO2 yeast reactor 2x 2L bottles
Substrate natural gravel
Parameters ph neutral, temp: 26
Fertilization occasionally
Plants anubias nana, anubias coffee leaf, amazone sword plant, hair grass, rotala indica, crypts
Inhabitants cardinal tetra, amano shrimp, otto cat
Profile Views 739
Algae Grower
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Nice, I like how dense it is.
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*An very handsome tank with lot of diversity of textures & good growth. Especially like the taller swords on each end & the natural looking large pebbles. Would love to see this re shot with a dark black background and slightly less bright lighting. Also white heater (?) on back wall needs leave for next pics. A dark room next time (so no reflection on outside tank) should produce a better result. This tank deserves more votes and higher praise. New photos should do the trick when you have the time. Hoping to rate this a 5 later : >)
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