dtrea2662 20 Gallon Long - Your Tanks
User dtrea2662
Size 20 Gallon Long
Date Started
Lighting Coralife t5 dual 18w 6700K fixture (up for sugestions on time etc.
Equipment Fluval 206 canister
CO2 none(up for sugestions)
Substrate ADA Amazonia
Parameters Temp 72 ph-6.7 nitrate-0 phosphate<.1 TDS -140
Fertilization up for sugestions
Plants Dwarf Hairgrass, baby tears, water lettuce, taiwan moss, java moss, flame moss, moss balls, cabomba, etc.
Inhabitants CRS, CBS, Sakura, cherry shrimp
Comments I can't seem to conquer BBA
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IMG_20130401_110416_324 (800x451).jpg
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Do you dose flourish excel? That has been the killer to my bba :D
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Are the small foreground plants dwarf hairgrass? I thought I read that it still gets pretty tall? Nice tank!
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