lilnaugrim 33 Flat Back Hexagon - Your Tanks
User lilnaugrim
Size 33 Flat Back Hexagon
Date Started January 3, 2013
Lighting Unknown Red Fluorescent Lighting Single Brite LED by MarineLand
Equipment Tetra EX45 150 Watt Aqueon Heater 6 Inch Bubble Wand
CO2 Soon to be DIY system
Substrate Tahitian Black Moon Sand
Parameters Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate 0 Ph 7.0
Fertilization Liquid Ferts (Leaf Zone)
Plants Anacharis, Various Java Ferns, Chinese Ivy (Cardamine), Jungle Val, Various Amazon Swords, Red Melon Sword, Red Rotala, Micro-sword and one unknown plant
Inhabitants 4 Dwarf/Dainty Cories 7 Neon Tetras 5 Sunset Wag Platy Fry in Breeder Net
Comments Will soon be a Betta Sorority with 6 cories in total with 6 Otos eventually. Once Platies are grown enough they will either be sold or given to friends.
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