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User sethanie
Size 55 gallons
Date Started 3/31/2013
Lighting 4x GE daylight 18" 6500K 15watt bulbs led moonlights
Equipment 2 aquaclear 110 heater
CO2 nope
Substrate sand, gravel, rocks, pebbles, driftwood Planned: Indian Almond Leaves
Parameters 77 F 6.5 pH
Fertilization Planned: Seachem Equilibrium
Plants Planned: Microsorum pteropus - java fern, Hydrocotyle leucocephala - Brazilian pennywort, Hygrophila difformis - water wisteria, Subwassertang - pelia, Limnobium laevigatum - amazon frogbit
Inhabitants Planned: 10 Pangio semicincta - kuhli loach, 10 Sundadanio axelrodi - Neon blue rasbora, 5 Hymenochirus - African dwarf frog
Comments Custom stand built by my husband
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Bags of rocks are to hold down the driftwood, although I'm thinking of ordering some slate and keeping it submerged that way. Its coming along.
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That is how you spoil your kitty ! It's own tank. I like the carpentry work and the scape wood working both.
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