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User HannahAubree
Size 20 Gallons
Date Started February 20, 2013
Lighting 3 LED lights, 2 white, 1 color
Equipment Penguin Biowheel Filter, Koralia Hydro Pump, Pressurized Co2 system,
CO2 Pressurized (reactor, diffuser, tank, needle valves)
Substrate Eco complete and black gravel
Fertilization Flourish
Plants Ludwigas, mosses, many to list at another time
Inhabitants 3 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 Pleco, 3 Otos, 3 Endler Guppies, 2 CHocolate Gouramis, 2 German Blue Rams. + 2 mystery snails and 2 assasin snails.
Comments We are temporarily planting plants on the right side and soon we will move them to grow on the other side.
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Eventually, The right side of the tank will be completely open. But right now, we're using it as a growing area to maximize light for the little guys. Once large enough, they will be moved to their respective locations behind much of the driftwood and other plants. We're making our planted area much more dense. Also, we'll be adding a carpet of hairgrass or marsilea once we're done using the right side of the tank as a plant nursery.
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