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User fishtastic
Size 220 gallon
Date Started 02/08
Lighting 640 watts VHO 72" bulbs, 2-10000k and 2-12000k
Equipment Fx5, and Rena XP4, In tank UV sterilizer(24w)
CO2 50#, timer regulated, 6bps
Substrate Caribsea Peace River, and Flourite
Fertilization None yet
Plants Various Aponogetons, crypts, Amazon swords, Rose sword, Glossostigma, L. Brasiliensis, and Anubias sp.
Inhabitants 18 mixed rainbows, 7 cory cats, 10 SAE's, 6 otos, Royal Pleco, Siam Pleco, 4 A. Caucatoides, 3 Golden dwarf acara, 3 Bolivian Rams
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