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User YSS
Size 265G
Date Started 3/7/08
Lighting Two 36" 196W PC
Equipment FX5, XP4, 300W Rena Heater, 400W Theo Heater, Rena 300 Air pump
CO2 None
Substrate 120lb Eco-Complete, white playsand and gravel mix
Parameters Temp: 86F, pH: 7.2
Fertilization None
Plants Vals, swords, anubias, java ferns, onion plant, and others that I don't know the names
Inhabitants Discus, german ram, bolivian ram, apisto, Geo Red Hump, cardinals, rummynoses, congos, serpaes, albino cories, Abino BN pleco, clown pleco, bosemani rainbows, precox rainbow, clown loaches, otos, and a male beta
Comments Large rocks and driftwoods.
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I have been keeping plants in most of my tank, other than african cichlid tanks, for many years, but I am a complete plant newb. Looking forward to learning more and creating nice planted tanks.
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6/11/08: New pics added.
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Discus are beautiful how much did you pay for them each and also great selection of fish
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