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User AT13
Size 20 Gallon Tall
Date Started March 13th
Lighting Odyssea 20" fixture 72watt T5HO (usually just run two bulbs for 36 watts)
Equipment Filter: AquaClear30 Heater: Aquatop 100W submersible heater
CO2 2L bottle of DIY C02 mixture, vinyl tubing, check valve and Aquaman diffuser
Substrate Eco-Complete 20lb. (2x)
Parameters Ph: 7.8 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 4ppm (still cycling) Nitrate: around 10 ppm (still cycling)
Fertilization Seachem's Flourish Excel
Plants Heteranthera zosterfolia, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Ludwigia Palustris, vallisnera americana... to be continued
Inhabitants zebra Danio (x4) be continued with more Danios to create a shoal, a school of Harlequin Rasboras, and a single Blue Dwarf Gourami.
Comments First ever planted tank!
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