9am53 29g - Your Tanks
User 9am53
Size 29g
Date Started 2007/8
Lighting AH supply 1x55 watt 10K 20watt strip 18K 8 LED ebay special moonlight
Equipment fluval 205, and a bunch of DIY stuff
CO2 DIY 2 bottlesstaggered by a week, diy reactor...1.6 bubbles/sec
Substrate cheap stuff (I wish I got something better)
Parameters pH = 6.6 kH = 80ppm CO2 27-30 temp 300K
Fertilization Rex Griggs...EI
Plants amazon sword, osiris sword, dwarf sword, cabomba, alternanthera roseafolia, ludwiggia, barclaya longifolia, hygrophila polysperma sunset, HC, dwarf sags, pygmy chain sword
Inhabitants angels, ancistrus, panda cory's, SAE cardinals, amano and host shrimp, 2 dwarf gouramis, 3 ottos
Comments slowly coming together, cant wait till its done!
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Mark F.
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Nice set-up; bet it looks great once it's bushier and the foreground plants are more spread out. I'm curious - what's in the little tank on the shelf, to the right of the bigger tank you're featuring here?
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