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User Convict Mark
Size 20 gallons
Date Started 02-26-08
Lighting 42 watt "screw in fluroescent" x 2 and 1 20w tube
Equipment Aqua Tech 30-60 filter, 100w heater
CO2 2 DIY yeast bottles
Substrate plain gravel with Jobe's plant spikes
Fertilization Every other day 10ppm nitrate, 20 ppm postassium, .55 ppm phosphate, 1 capful of flourish comprehensive I also do a 40-50% water change before I fertilize every other day (really seems to keep algae at bay)
Plants micro sword, wisteria, sword, a. reinekerii, ludwidia repens, frill, and crypts
Inhabitants 10 fancy guppies, 1 paradise fish, 2 opaline blue gouramies, 4 SAEs, mystery and pond snail hitch hikers, 1 tiger barb
Comments Doing this tank as cheaply as possible. I wish I had a good enough camera to take a pic that would do this tank justice.
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