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User DanDog
Size 46 gallon euro bowfront
Date Started tank started 99(ish) plants started Mar 2013
Lighting 3 Aqueon 36 inch T5 dual lamp fixtures with 3x 6700k 21 watt bulbs and 3x colormax 21 watt bulbs
Equipment Fluval heater and air pump, Whisper 60 hang on filter
CO2 20 oz paintball tanks with a diy regulator made from the paintball gun, and some sort of tornado making powerhead diffuser deal
Substrate Black(ish) sandy lookin stuff for planted tanks
Parameters Never checked
Fertilization Seachem Flourish comprehensive
Plants Anachris, bacopa(i think), nana, hygophila of some sort, ludwigia, java fern
Inhabitants 12 neon tetras, 5 zebra danios, 4 oto cats, gold nugget pleco, clown loach
Comments The wood is a massive rootball from a thornbush i cleared out of the back pasture.
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This is my tank shortly after planting, ill add more pics as she fills out!
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