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User Divine Winds
Size 29 gallons
Date Started October 2006
Lighting 1X 24" T8 10000K 1X 24" T8 7800K 1X 24" T8 6700K 1X 24" T8 4100K Runs on 2 ballasts, staggered lighting schedule 12 hours
Equipment Eheim Pro 2222; Aquaclear 150w heater; Quiet1One 1200 powerhead, time 3 hours a day
CO2 DIY, 2 liter bottle
Substrate Basic gravel
Parameters Tap water, still untested however successful, weekly 20% water changes, 76.8 degrees
Fertilization None
Plants Anubias (large and small), java ferns, amazon sword plant, java moss, cryptocoryne petchii
Inhabitants 4 cardinal tetras, 5 neon tetras, 1 gold algae eater, 3 harlequin rasboras, ramshorn and trumpet snails, 2 nerite snails, 1 mystery snail
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Blue Devereaux
Algae Grower
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This is truly beautiful! What a lovely thing you created.
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