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User some guy
Size 6.6 Gallons
Date Started January 2008. Broken down June 7, 2008
Lighting DIY 14W x2 compact fluorescent light fixture. My first DIY project.
Equipment HOB filter.
CO2 DIY 2 liter soda bottle.
Substrate Eco-complete.
Fertilization Full Seachem line.
Plants Java fern, Wisteria, HC, HM, Java moss, the occasional duckweed.
Inhabitants 4x White cloud mountain minnow (3 female, 1 male)

2x Otocinclus

Comments Tank was broken down on June 7, 2008. Its inhabitants and some plants were moved into the new 5.5 gallon tank.

I had to break this tank down due to algae troubles. The odd dimensions of the tank combined with my awkward DIY light and shifting water parameters led to a huge bloom of thread algae that I gave up on after a month of fighting valiantly. This was not unexpected, as this was my first planted tank and my experimenting led to its eventual downfall. I know a lot more about planted tanks thanks to this one and hopefully I'll have less problems with algae in the future.

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Mark F.
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Very nice DIY nano set-up. Simple yet elegant - I think that's often the key to making small scale work. Looking forward to future pics!
Wannabe Guru
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I love your Wisteria. Growing very nicely. (:
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