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User some guy
Size 2.5 Gallons
Date Started February 2008
Lighting DIY hood with 14w CF spiral
Equipment Red Sea Nano Filter, homemade acrylic cover
CO2 DIY 20oz water bottle into filter intake
Substrate Leftover Eco-complete from other tank
Parameters Who knows, I never bought test kits. I'm guessing it's a little too acidic, the snails turn white die before they get much bigger than 2mm (if Puffer doesn't get to them first).
Fertilization Full EI dosing regime
Plants Ludwigia palustris, Crypt wendtii "tropica", HC
Inhabitants 1x Dwarf Puffer (male), who is named "Puffer" (so original, I know). The only official pet fish of the family.
3x Cherry Shrimp
Comments Need to take new pictures soon, tank looks way different than the one here. Puffer wasn't even around back then, this was probably taken around June or July 2008.
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