Bowles42 265g - Your Tanks
User Bowles42
Size 265g
Date Started 08/05/06
Lighting 72" Coralife Aqua Lunar Compact Fluorescent 2x96w 10k and 2x96w actinic
Equipment 3xFX5 Canister Filters
CO2 Pressurized 10lb tank
Substrate Think Pink Sand
Parameters 7.1 pH 60 kh 160 gh
Fertilization None
Plants Crypts, Ozelot Sword, Jade Sword
Inhabitants 8xSuper Red Turquoise Discus 3xPeach White Discus 1xBlue Diamond High Fin Discus 2xLeopard Ctenopoma 2xMoonlight Gourami 5xArnold's Eye Tetra 2xSiamese Algae Eater 1xRope Fish 1xAngelicus Loach 1xLongfin Albino Pleco 1xQueen Arabesque 1xHorseshoe Pleco
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Nice clean lines, great placement of driftwood to good effect.
Algae Grower
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Amazing tank and Discus! Finally an interesting and unique scape that doesn't take away from the actual fish.
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