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User BeastMaster
Size 12 gallon long 36
Date Started DSM start: 20 Mar 13
Lighting Finnex Fugeray 36" LED emersed: 6hr on/6hr off submerged: 3.5hr on/6.5hr off/7hr on/7/hr off
Equipment submerged start: Eheim 2213 w/CalAquaLabs nano glass lily pipes
CO2 submerged start: 20oz paintball cylinder/Aquatek mini regulator/Atomic inline diffuser
Substrate ADA Aquasoil new Amazonia normal & powder/Seiryu stone (6)
Parameters cellophane covered mist 2X daily w/ Flourish Excel soln
Fertilization submerged: daily Flourish Excel
Plants emersed: H. callitrichoides submerged: H. glomeratus, H. tripartita, E. tenellus, L. brasiliensis
Inhabitants pr Apistogramma trifasciata pr Apistogramma borelli 6-12 tetra sp 12-18 Neocardina denticulata -wild
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