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July 10th.jpg
User smcoyle87
Size 20g High
Date Started 3-23-13
Lighting two 23w CFL, 6500K
Equipment Eheim ecco pro 130
Substrate Eco-Complete, Black sand
Fertilization Weekly liquid ferts
Plants Eleocharis parvula, Crypt. Wendtii 'mi oya', Crypt. Wendtii 'green', Blyxa japonica, Sagittaria subulata, Java Moss, 1 small java fern (might remove)
Inhabitants 6 Harlequin rasbora, 2 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (Not in there yet), Ramshorn snails.
Comments 1 piece of Malaysian driftwood
Profile Views 339
Algae Grower
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Brand new tank so most of the plants haven't really established themselves yet. I will post more pics when they start to come around!
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