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User Brian_Cali77
Size 6 Gallon
Date Started September 2012
Lighting Finnex Ray 2 16"
Equipment Fluval 106 w/ Cal Aqua 13mm lily pipes.
CO2 Aquatek paintball co2 w/ Up Aqua glass ceramic diffuser.
Substrate Floramax, Sand, and Fluval Stratum
Fertilization PPS-Pro with GLA dry ferts (micros/macros). Flourish root tabs.
Plants HC, Ludwigia sp. Red, Flame Moss, Pogostemon Erectus, and Rotala Colorata
Inhabitants Tangerine Tiger Shrimp + Red Rili Shrimp
Comments Just added downoi in place of the P. erectus.
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Algae Grower
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Looks really good! I love the flame moss.
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