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User usgetata
Size 24L x 18H x 12D inch
Date Started 2-28-2013
Lighting Finnex Ray 2
Equipment ADA 60H, DIY ADA Style Stand, Eheim 2211, Lily Pipe 16/13 mm, Tetra Whisper 20g air pump
CO2 DIY CO2 with Citrus acid & baking soda started at 4-17-2013
Substrate MGOC soil, Eco Complete
Parameters Ph 7.8, 0ppm Ammonia Nitrite Nitrate, KH 7, GH 6
Fertilization Seachem excel
Plants Foreground: Glossostigma, Dwarf Pennywort, Wendtii Red Crypt, Rotala Wallichi, Rotala Butterfly, Subwassertang Mid-ground: Ludwigia sp. Red, Java fern, Java moss, Christmas moss, Peacock moss, Water spirit, Wendtii Crypt, (Hungarian sword plant?) background: Giant Hair Grass, Anacharis, Madagascar Lace, Hornwort
Inhabitants Crystal Red Shrimps(8), Crystal Black Shrimp(4), Fire Red Shrimps(7), Pumpkin Shrimps(4), Golden Bee(4), Amano Shrimp(3), Clown Killifish(5), Oto(2), Assassin Snail(1)
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I love the driftwood!! Its a cool piece
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Thanks! It's found on an remote island in Everglades.
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