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User fast94m
Size 14 gallon
Date Started Feb 2008
Lighting 2 26w 6500k Spiral compact flourescents
Equipment Tetra 50w heater, Aquaclear 20
CO2 None
Substrate 1.5" Potting soil, 1" pool gravel
Parameters Temp: 76 degrees
Fertilization none
Inhabitants 6 Black Neon tetras, 5 ottos
Comments Daily dose of Flourish excel, no water changes
Profile Views 458
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your anubias will do a lot better if you tie it onto a rock or drift wood or something, they grow MUCH faster and don't rot if the rhizome is above the gravel. other than that, your tank looks awesome! very well done with the substrate and choice of plants. red ludwigia or something would add some nice tints of darker green and red between your existing plants.
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